About Us
Our company is specializing in supplying phosphorus flame retardants., locating in Zhangjiagang city which is only 120km away from Shanghai port. Our factory is total 30,Website:http://www.chinafortunechem.com,000 square meters and warehouse is over 2,000 square meters. Our main products are Phosphorus flame-retardants: Tributoxy Ethyl Phosphate (TBEP), Triaryl Isopropylated Phosphate (IPPP, Reofos), Trimethyl Phosphate (TMP), Tricresyl Phosphate (TCP), Tris(2-chloroethyl Phosphate (TCEP), Tris(chloroisopropyl) Phosphate (TCPP), Tri-isobutyl Phosphate (TIBP), Triphenyl Phosphate (TPP). Our total production capacity is 15000tons/year and 70% of them are exporting globally to Europe, America, East and Southeast Asia, S. America etc. With strong support of creation, technology and professionals, we ensure every batch of our product match customers? quality requirements.
Products and services
Trimethyl phosphate, tricresyl phosphate, triphenyl phosphate, triphenyl phosphite, TBEP